Bacon Goes to The Movies

bacon popcorn

Bacon Popcorn at the Icon Theater.

On the coattails of Baconfest, which sold out in record time, there’s no doubt that Chicagoans love chowing down on some pig. There seems to be a little bacon in almost everything these days. Even popcorn. That’s right. BACON popcorn! It’s served in the lounge area at the Icon theater on Roosevelt, along with a full menu of munchies that includes a selection of cheeses, pizzas, and other small plates.

When @khaslett and I read about this popcorn in the Trib, we decided we had to have it. Did it measure up? Well, I’m glad I tried it. But honestly, the pizza or cheese plate is a better bet. The popcorn was a tad too salty, and oddly not greasy enough. Go figure. In the end, we got regular popcorn too.

Read my full review of the Icon. ¬†And let us know — have you tried bacon popcorn? Drop us a line on Twitter and tell us what you think of it!

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