Oscar Eats This Week’s Twitter Round-up


What's good enough to eat for Oscar?

What will you be eating when the actors start strolling down the red carpet at the Academy Awards? Here’s a sampling of what’s on your plates this Sunday:

  • @Bullballs02 Oscar Meyer Hotdogs. LMAO. I crack myself up.
  • @ellembee I used to do a party where you had to bring food related to a nominee. Truman Chipotle Chili, Passion of the Crisp, etc.
  • @Hurdler4eva We’ll be eating @ElisCheesecake and @MoreCupcakes at our oscar party – decadent much?
  • @eatitdrinkit Attending a party where I’ll be bringing legendary blackened string beans.
  • @hellafied We always have a chocolate fountain at our Oscar party! This year, screw the food, I’m sticking my whole face under it!
  • @readinggirl1984 I like my friends too much to try and cook. Thankfully @cityprovisions and @MollysCupcakes are available for catering.
  • @JessiO I’m working on a menu that features a different goodie based on each of the 10 best picture nominations
  • @ABF22 Carrots and celery. no wings and ranch on the side please!

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