It’s Not Easy Being Green


The Trade Show at the Expo featured tasty organic goods.

Kermit had it right. It’s not easy being green.  And that’s not a reference to navigating the St. Paddy’s Day Parade madness about to ensue in Chicago today. Rather, it’s a good recap of yesterday’s discussions at day two of the Family Farmed EXPO.

We learned all about bringing the organic green to the restaurant scene. A worthy effort? Absolutely. A healthy necessity? We think so. But not easy to do. We heard about what it means to be a green restaurant, met some rock star farmers, sampled organic goodies, and watched the documentary Fresh. Check out our latest photos, and tune in on Twitter for a play-by-play of day three now in progress.

David Schuminsky

Signature Room Chef David Schuminsky serves up caviar, but later admits he'd rather eat steak.