Dinner at Prairie Fire for Chef’s Week

Closed! Enjoy the memories…

Prairie Fire

Prairie Fire is just steps from the Clinton Green Line stop.

We decided to squeeze in an extra Chef’s Week restaurant on Friday to check out Prairie Fire. Located in the old Powerhouse Restaurant space, it still retains much of the look and feel of that establishment. However, the new lighting and flat screen televisions broadcasting bucolic scenes on repeat quickly ended all comparisons to the previous incarnation.

Prairie Fire | Salad

Salad was comprised of mixed greens and an odd presentation of blue cheese and grapes.

As with previous Chef’s Week experiences, we found the special menu actually included a large sample of the regular menu. We tried a rather bland serving of shrimp rolls and this terrine of blue cheese, grapes and mixed greens. Neither bowled us over in presentation or flavor.

Prairie Fire | Tallgrass Beef Brisket

We finally had an opportunity to sample some of Bill Kurtis' Tallgrass Beef.

For our entrees, we tried the waiter-recommended Parmesan crusted tilapia that came on a bed of creamed spinach. We also sampled the slow braised BBQ brisket, mostly to throw some support behind Bill Kurtis and his efforts at making a go of his grass-fed beef operation. We’ll have to give Tallgrass Beef another shot someday because the beef didn’t live up to its billing here.

Prairie Fire | Toffee Date Cake

Prairie Fire | Toffee Date Cake

Dessert was a chocolate lava cake, which they prophetically called muk muk, and a satisfyingly sticky toffee date cake with vanilla ice cream. As with the other courses, we left most of it on the plate.

Chef’s Week is over now, but look for similar events as a way to try restaurants at a lower price point. You may not find them all to your liking, but it’s a great way to get out and explore!

Prairie Fire
215 North Clinton Street
Chicago, IL 60661