Restaurant Second Chances This Week’s Twitter Round-up

Would you give them a second chance?

Would you give them a second chance?

It’s happened to us all — an old favorite lets you down. If you were served a bad meal at a restaurant you really liked in the past, would you go back or write them off? Most had ideas about how to deal with it, but in a town with so many choices, you can’t have a bad night:

  • @HarryElliott Any place can have a bad night. I definitely go back. BUT, some places do go into decline. When that pattern emerges, adios!
  • @brassfrog I would (and have) told management of my displeasure. They thanked me (“we value your opinion and want to hear it”).
  • @mstonervt I’d always give a resto I liked a third chance if I had a couple of bad visits. Difficult business, lots of variables. Though if I had several bad exp in a row, I’d have a heart2heart with the manager/chef/owner.
  • @pinktri Try it one more time if still a bad experience than I would never go back
  • @GourmetRambler I would go back, but also would be more cautious.
  • @SilverChef If it was a 1 time fluke, I would absolutely go back. I would definitely make them aware of the crap meal!
  • @robking2520 Go back. Ya gotta see if it’s a trend or a hiccup. It could be great again.
  • @Delilahhh Write them off. Happened with Otom. Heartbreaking but can’t bear to go back.
  • @realerin I recently told one of my fave restaurants such a thing. Politely, and in the spirit of wanting them to continue to succeed.
  • @LizBChicago No question: I’d address it right then and there w/ the mgr or chef. Only reason for a write-off: having it happen twice.
  • @soozed Why would I like a place that served crap?
  • @cheapdate *One* bad meal? No writeoff. Two bad meals? Drops the probability of a further visit by half. Three? It’s over.
  • @readinggirl1984 I’d go back. There might be a new chef, just a fluke,etc. The bigger q: would I have the courage to send it back the 1st time.
  • @psm97 I’d let them know while I was there. If the service is bad/rude on top of it…some comping should happen. Service is key!
  • @pjs2780 If it was truly a favorite i’d go back. but if they screw up again, i’m outta there. too many places in chi-town to eat crap.
  • @masterofthesun Crap meal from fav resto, do i go back? for $ or $$ yes, for $$$ maybe, for $$$$ doubtful.
  • @dollbabytina I usually give them another chance, if i like the place and have had great meals in the past.We all have “off” days!
  • @dupreeblue If I’d been there enough times to really, really like it I’d consider it a fluke & go back. New place? Possibly not.
  • @BitXDeadweight Only stop going if the menu changed as well <– usually means new vendors and/or owner.
  • @KrisHummer I’d politely tell the owner. Could’ve been a fluke. If nothing else, you’ll probably be comped or get a free meal later.
  • @beerad It has happened and it takes a long time before I even think about going back
  • @emunn They get one strike but if it’s poor a second time no longer go back. So many other restaurants to check out.</li
  • @missgnoamer Wait for management to change and get some new staff…
  • @cmozilo I would contact the GM. Let them know what happened. Give them a chance to redeem themselves.
  • @italianwinelovr I’d give them one more time!

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