Must try before leaving Chi? This Week’s Twitter Round-up

Course 7: Tiger Fish with Israeli Couscous

Try not to leave town before having a meal at Schwa!

Twitter follower @annalisejohnson asked “If someone is going to move out of Chicago, where do they absolutely need to eat at first?” If your answers are any indication, then it’s going to take some time for her to eat her way out of town:

  • @osburnrenn You know I’m going to say Bonsoiree. Avec is a close second for me. It never disapoints!
  • @hriefs Johnnie’s Beef
  • @psm97 Arun’s!
  • @GourmetRambler Schwa, Bayless restaurants, Hot Doug’s, Bristol
  • @edlakin Al’s on Taylor, Geno’s/Malnati’s/Uno’s/Due’s. Chicago legends, all.
  • @cannm0723 @rockitwrigley is a must try Chicago restaurant!
  • @valerie_rae Superdawg for sure!
  • @stevekoo1 I second Schwa and Hot Doug’s, too!
  • @stander Hot Doug’s, Trotters, Burt’s Pizza
  • @urbanmatt Alinea
  • @LadyParmalade Assuming they’ve already explored the usual hits, I recommend an only-in-Chicago jibarito from Papa’s Cache Sabroso
  • @georgehayman Lou Malnati’s and Portillos are the things I miss most.
  • @akMontufar My vote is Table 52. Amazing food!
  • @KSHEVL I LOVE Brazzazz and Garcia’s! Spring is fantastic too!
  • @diana_go_go Garica’s in Lincoln Square
  • @dulcita518 Sixteen, Tango Sur, Bonsoiree
  • @WhyGoChicago I’d add L2O
  • @acornwineshop You have to put something from @rick_bayless on that list, and Clark St Ale House AND, for my husband and I, Cemitas Puebla. Oh my…
  • @bodaciousgirl Katsu, Portillo’s, Jay’s Beef, @garrettpopcorn, BillyGoat just to say you have, & HotChocolate.
  • @Movie123man Yes. I love Wolfy’s on Peterson. Also, if you like Mexican, Cafe El Tapitillo on Ashland near Wrigley. Small place but great.
  • @scarlettngrey Green Zebra is a definite must try!
  • @duckyyyy Kumas!
  • @LizBChicago Frontera or Xoco (if u have 1 day to stand in line).
  • @BitXDeadweight Freddy’s
  • @Aisle424 Carnivale. End of story.

Keep tweeting us @chicagobites and we may include your comments/answers in our weekly round-up. Thanks, Chicago!

  1. Alastair left a comment on February 19, 2010 at 10:39 am

    Uh. I’m guessing the “Freddy’s” is the one on 61st.

  2. chicagobites left a comment on March 2, 2010 at 2:19 pm

    Believe so, yes.

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