Feb 082010
Irish stew and a Black Velvet is a great way to fight the February chill.

Irish stew and a Black Velvet is a great way to fight the February chill.

There’s nothing like some  hearty Irish  stew and a Poor Man’s Black Velvet for a little fortification  against Chicago’s biting February chill, and Lizzie McNeill’s, a pub tucked up along side the river on McClurg Court, does a decent job with both.

Lizzy’s is first and foremost a bar, and one of its greatest attributes is that it doesn’t pretend to be otherwise.  Still, friendly bartenders, a good amount of table space, and comfy chairs situated in front of a cozy fireplace make Lizzy’s an appealing place to go and stay awhile.

There’s something on tap anytime the doors are open, but the cook is only there in the evenings starting at 5:30ish, so don’t come looking to snack before then.  The food sticks to your bones, and if it’s meat that you’re craving, you’ll find some. The grub isn’t standout, but it hits the spot. The menu is standard, and you can’t go wrong if you get fries.

Everything on the menu comes with a side of wifi, giving Web surfers a nice alternative to coffee shop chains.  Simply ask the bartender for the network passcode, and you can happily surf, sip, and sample the evening away.  If you are going with laptop in tow, go earlier rather than later.  Lizzy’s gets pretty busy at night with locals and tourists alike, and when they arrive you’d be better off at Starbucks if you still want to write in public.

Lizzie McNeill’s
400 North McClurg Court
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 467-1992
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  1. I like just about any bar that has a fireplace. And wi-fi? Sign me up!

  2. Yes indeed!

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