The Hunt for Pierogi This week’s Twitter Round-up



Our friend Gordon (@gordondym) had a taste for good pierogi, so we put out the call through Twitter. As always, there were some great suggestions:

  • @GreenGrocerChic We get a fresh delivery of pierogi every Monday, but they sell out fast. If you call ahead we can set some aside for you.
  • @richqb I hear Kasia’s has awesome pierogi. Chicago and Hoyne, I think? Got my own?
  • @creamwine Belmont close to Paulina.
  • @aschie30 By far, Smak-Tak (Jefferson Pk) has best. Light & flavorful. More traditional, but good version @ Podhalanka (Wicker Pk)
  • @mlindzy Best is at Kasia’s Deli on W Chicago at Hoyne. Cannot be beat!
  • @swimmerpoet Where to get great pierogi in Chicago? Podhalanka Restaurant on Division
  • @maggiehendricks Cooked? Big Apple, Angel’s, White Eagle. Uncooked? Pierogi Factory Outlet

Thanks to everyone who shared! Have a question for the Chicago food community? Leave a comment or find us on Twitter (@chicagobites).

  1. Gordon left a comment on February 4, 2010 at 10:34 am

    I would first like to thank everyone for their suggestions, and last night, I enjoyed pierogi at Podhalanka @ Division (thanks, @swimmerpoet!)

    Since I was on my way to Second City to check out the opening night of their newest show, it only made sense – and the pierogi were simply delicious! (The cabbage soup is also pretty awesome)

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