Winter comfort food Your thoughts in this week’s Twitter Round-up

Soup and salad can do a lot to fight the cold.

Soup and salad can do a lot to fight the cold.

Some of our Twitter followers went home to make comfort food when the temperature dipped this week, while others had comfort delivered. When Winter comes knocking, here’s what you do:

  • @storck718 Drinking mulled wine while making polenta and braising lamb shanks! Mmmmm…
  • @MKinChiTown Hot green tea; soup
  • @dumin If I ever get home, I’m making zucchini lasagne and drinking whiskey.
  • @k8_j Gin! LOL
  • @geg5150 Acorn squash stuffed w/Italian sausage, white beans, kalamatas, tomato paste, onions & garlic with parm/breadcrumb crust.
  • @nomgasm Lots and lots of tea and green bean casserole! 🙂
  • @fetchpr shrimp fried rice from Mon Lung on N ashland
  • @gourmetwithme Chili!
  • @SparkfireMarket Spaghetti & Meatballs (recipe by Tony Danza)
  • @casey1725 Hard a day like today screams hot chocolate, warm cookies, i could go on and on

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  1. restaurant furniture left a comment on January 10, 2010 at 12:32 pm

    mmmm tomato soup with grilled cheese. it’s been terrible in Chicago these last few days, comfort food is the way to be. Panera has it down and so does go roma.

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