It’s Christmas! This week’s Twitter Round-up

They know when you aree sleeping, they know when you're awake...

They know when you aree sleeping, they know when you're awake...

We asked people what special dishes they plan to have for Christmas, here’s what you’re eating for the holiday:

  • @zeldes DH’s family does Xmas Eve: herring salad, old family recipe from Germany
  • @MKinChiTown Having Xmas tonight & trying new yummy sweet potato recipe I got from @prchicago
  • @stephdem Bleu cheese crusted filet mignon with feta and tomato green beans
  • @lilloco We always have venison on xmas eve. jews eatin’ rudolph – we’ll do whatever it takes to ruin xmas for everyone else.
  • @travelplacesguy I’ll be fixing many dishes but the two family traditions will be the roasted pumpkin/peanut butter soup and oyster dressing.

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, snow gets people in the mood for food. Here’s the comfort food you reach for when the flakes start to fall:

  • @mlindzy Snow brings out the grilled cheese sammy/tomato soup need for me.
  • @djnathan Soup or veggie chili…and maybe some hot chocolate…not together, though.
  • @kansascitybites We must be in sync. Just finished making a batch of Butternut Squash soup! Yum-e.
  • @BeeEngel The snow makes me want to eat grilled cheese and tomato soup!
  • @MaryMasseyChili!!
  • @muttiworld Big bowl of soup with a big slab of bread!
  • @spamantha00 Soup and cookies…not like together.
  • @bbdadd Florida and stone crab claws
  • @emunn I’m always a fan of grilled cheese and tomato soup in this weather
  • @PRluna Hot Chocolate and cheesy mashed potatoes
  • @JoeTheCop Savory meat dishes, stews, cookies & warm alcoholic drinks
  • @sparklefade3 My mom’s homemade french bread, straight from the oven, slathered in butter.
  • @dulcita518 Hot chocolate with kahlua or baileys! + creamy, cheesy pastas 🙂
  • @imaginefoodies Lots of good chocolate, and good lattes!
  • @LoRunShield ANY Food 🙂 Snowy weather makes me snacky!
  • @gordondym Something nice and warm – a good, rich soup or stew
  • @citygirlchicago Hot, creamy, soup!

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