Chickpea Chicago Bites Podcast #157

The hummus at Chickpea has a distinct flavor and was a favorite.

The hummus at Chickpea has a distinct spicy flavor and was a favorite of mine.

Chickpea is an authentic Middle Eastern option a little closer to downtown than its best competitors in Albany Park. How does this counter service cafe compare? Listen in to find out.

Chicago Bites (16.0 M)

Show Notes:
00:00 – 01:33 Sit-down places vs. Chickpea’s counter service
01:34 – 02:54 Small, colorful, interesting space used well
02:55 – 05:27 The unexpected — cash only & no explaining to be had
05:28 – 07:43 Trio of dips to start
07:44 – 08:32 ‘Real’ Middle Eastern food? Rave reviews & low-blows
08:33 – 09:30 Lentils & rice side-by-side comparison and homemade yogurt
09:31 – 11:24 roast chicken was heavy and not as flavorful as expected
11:25 – 12:40 Ratings and sign-off

2018 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 384-9930
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Bridget’s Ratings Tammy’s Ratings
Food Quality 3 2
Value 3 3
Service 3 2
Ambiance 4 4
Overall 6 5

Price per person: $15

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Mujaddara is a specialty and is very filling.

Mujaddara is a specialty and is very filling.