Are your chestnuts roasting on an open fire? This week’s Twitter Round-up

Even better when roasted on an open fire?

Even better when roasted on an open fire?

The holidays are upon us, and we’re asking the important questions on Twitter, questions like have you roasted chestnuts on an open fire? Here are your thoughts on this seasonal treat:

  • @valerie_rae Fantastic! I love chestnuts, they are such a childhood memory/comfort food.
  • @Tamssot Yes. All the time on the Big Green Egg over hardwood coals. Super H Mart has giant South Korean fresh chestnuts.
  • @djnathan I HAVE!!! Used to do it while my grandma attempted to sing the song…always off key…always made us laugh.
  • @sundevilpeg Roasted chestnuts are VILE. Learned that in London about 3 decades ago at Xmas time. They smell great, but are just nasty!
  • @brassfrog If you had come to Christmas Walk in Geneva, you’d have tried several.
  • @valerie_rae I have!! When I was a kid my grandpa had a special roasting pan and everything!
  • @akl8609 When I lived in Madrid, there were tons of street vendors that did! It smelled *amazing*
  • @beerad To be honest I don’t think I’ve ever bought chestnuts that were not already roasted
  • @MKinChiTown No but have seen street vendors with them. Smelled great. Taste not so great.
  • @Musitarian No, but that gives me an idea… !
  • @maggiehendricks Oak Brook Center does, and they used to sell them from a cart on State St. Yummy.
Too few cookies is the least of our problems!

Too few cookies is the least of our problems!

We also asked what your biggest dining challenges were during the holidays. Here are some of your thoughts:

  • @torease Inflated holiday prices from the “holiday menu” . Oh, and company parties that shut down your favorite restaurant night after night.
  • @scarlettngrey Having to eat Gluten Free!
  • @BeautifulCakes Having to cook it! Luckily the mother inlaw is cooking it this year. Imagine a Middle Eastern X-Mas dinner. I bring dessert!
  • @kurmanstaff Tree nuts are my problem. I’m allergic so I can’t eat certain desserts. Tho that may be a good thing!
  • @kitchenartist Biggest holiday dinner challenge? Getting everything to the table on time/hot AND people getting in my way in the kitchen.
  • @sundevilpeg Maintaining a schedule, coordinating deliveries/pickups, and (a biggie!) underestimating how long a task will take. Tough job!
  • @readinggirl1984 Finding substantial vegetarian meals amid turkey upon turkey dominated holiday menus. But yay for peppermint desserts! :-p
  • @cotfg Everyone likes to talk foodie, but when it comes to the table, any stray from tradition is approached with suspicion
  • @PeterDeb Where to find quince for a dessert.
  • @casey1725 How to not gain 100 lbs with all the awesome sweets everyone bakes up!

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