From Appetizers to Amuse Bouche Your thoughts in this week’s Twitter Round-up

This week we asked a series of questions through Twitter about various aspects of fine dining. Some of the discussion was fascinating. There’s a lot, but we hope you enjoy the round-up as much as we did.

Appetizers as meals: Do you go to a high-end restaurant and make a meal out of appetizers?

  • Leena_Eats Sometimes, if I am craving a lot of variety and nothing on the entree list has caught my eye.
  • ChefCDT That’s my favorite way to eat. Apps often have more clarity because they don’t have to fullfill protien veg starch expectation
  • readinggirl1984 Most high end places in Chi it’s unnecessary to these days. For steakhouses that my carnivore bf enjoys, you betcha!
  • sbwhite1 Love it! Only downside: when it’s better than the food itself
  • avillechamber Sometimes. My husband is vegetarian, so there is often a better selection of meatless appetizers than entrees.
  • Megs723 Yes! Less expensive and easier to manage portion control!
  • guptafour If I go to a high-end restaurant, I do it big. Go big or go home. Make it count and make it worth it for the few times I go.
  • ApisOne Yes if no Tasting Menu, more great food to try
  • harold_smith Not, i don’t go to high end restaurants for the appetizers alone, cheapens the experience
  • allaboutkelli No, I don’t think that truly showcases the menu
  • LizBChicago Because I love cute food. Anytime I can dine tapas-style, I’ll do it.

Amuse bouche: love it or leave it? Does it add to your dining experience?

  • apathak Love it, like to think it’s 1) a gift from the chef; and 2) something they are trying out – sneak peak
  • readinggirl1984 Love it! Always a plesant opener, especially if appetizers are taking a bit.
  • jarod8bit Love Amuse Bouche… but not upset if I don’t get a little bite.
  • robertiles Love It. It should be a great indication of the chefs talent what the chef likes and wants you to try. A look at food to come
  • newetiquette They’re fun but at Everest our whole table confessed we only knew about amuse bouche from Top Chef.
  • edelahanty Love it! Especially if it’s unexpected.
  • emunn Love ’em. They add a fun mix to the meal I wouldn’t have had. They also introduce new flavors to me I haven’t thought of.
  • SavorySimple I love them; the chef is expressing their POV
  • blipsman I like the Amuse bouche–kind of like enjoying previews before a movie. And a way to try flavors maybe one wouldn’t order.
  • ApisOne Nope, would pay more for great food tho. Might pay for them not to be there.

Fresh silverware between courses, tablecloths, napkins folded when you get up…what are you favorite restaurant niceties?

  • MKinChiTown Cocktail napkin under my drink ALWAYS. Extra napkins – one is NOT enough. Prefer tablecloth but CLEAN tablecloth
  • osburnrenn Choice of black or white napkins. When you are wearing black pants it matters!
  • chicagofoodwhor Amuse bouche!
  • tokissthecook Oui! RT lilloco 2 words: petits fours.
  • kitchenartist The ottoman for my purse at Splendido in Toronto. Brilliant.
  • loveboo Water filled @ all times.
  • neoabyss The little crumb sweeper. That’s always cool. I let crumbs fall freely just to see them work lol
  • NeilGUS Proper Glassware! i.e. Riedel stemware that is appropriate for the type of grape/ region /varietal
  • chefstevejudd Purse stool at Tru, butter refreshed at Le Bernardin. I hate table de-crumbers.
  • paigeworthy Someone to refill my wine!

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