Nov 062009
For many recipes, Reddi Whip is a key ingredient.

For many recipes, Reddi Wip is a key ingredient.

I started prepping for the holiday season by looking through old cookbooks, and came across the 1978 Altar & Rosary Society cookbook that I keep for its pumpkin cookie recipe. I should copy it down on a card, but can’t make myself toss the book! I wondered if others had sentimental cookbooks, so I asked Twitter. Here are your responses:

@Piratealice as a matter of fact, I DO have a more recent church cookbook and YES there are a lot cream of mushroom soup recipes.

@MKinChiTown re: sentimental cookbooks:have 1 from each G’mother w/written recipes for same things but diff versions. Mom & I do bakeoffs.

@dfriedman16 I have one my Mom did as fundraiser in grammar school!

@johnpneedham Do you have sentimental cookbooks?//Yup, several. Juila Child’s comes immediately to mind. I know: LAME!

@osburnrenn Calling All Cooks – a cookbook published by South Central Bell where my father worked for 35 yrs

@ChefCDT My mom’s Betty crocker with the spine held together w/ duct tape and all the good pages stuck together.

@BleuCaldwell Definitely! My fave: a local one from NC (also from the ’70’s) that my mom must have given me. I love it and it’s staying! 🙂

@soozed I have my mom’s fav: Meta Givens from 1950s. won’t ever let it go. she used it all the time. many memories tied to it

@AdrienneMcGill Received a church cookbook for a wedding gift 25 years ago. Used to use it a lot. Not so much, now. Can’t toss it.

@misstiffie not a cookbook but my mom has been keeping a huge nbook/collage of recipes (all re-adjusted) since she learned how to cook ;D

@swimmerpoet I make only one recipe, easy whole wheat pancakes, from NYT’s Natural Foods Cookbook. The book falls open to the recipe.

@sellmoremeals No. But I have sentimental cooks 😉 Yeah. I’ve got some books like that too.

@geg5150 1970 Zion Lutheran Cookbook –NYC, the church grandparents & parents were married in & all the kids were christened in.

@NonnisBiscotti Only use 1 recipe out of 1979 cookbook, but I can’t throw away. Do you have sentimental cookbooks? – Have few of those!

@gingerlydc Mine is a Good Housekeeping Cookbook that has the most amazing and heart attack producing recipe for London Broil.

Thanks to our Twitter followers for sharing the memories!

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