Happy Thanksgiving!

Sounds like some turkeys can be grateful that folks are eating other stuff today!

Sounds like some turkeys can be grateful that folks are eating other stuff today!

Chicago Bites wishes you and yours a very happy holiday weekend! Food takes center stage today as we all loosen our belts and pull up to the table to celebrate with friends and family.

Thanksgiving means turkey to most, but to others it’s an opportunity to eat more adventurously. We asked our Twitter followers if they had any alternative dining plans this Thanksgiving, and it sounds like there’s going to be tons of good eats!  Here’s what they had to say:

@dougriddle Bacon roasted chicken, bacon wrapped tenderloin, cream sherry gravy w/mashed taters, roasted sweet taters w/honey & olive oil

@KMiley I discovered my clan doesn’t like turkey all that much. Second year for a pork roast! Same yummy sides work.

@Urraca Turkey, as always, but dressed with homemade mole.

@LeighJHokie a tofu loaf from @bleeding_heart bakery!

@dougriddle wild mushroom stuffing, rolls, and tons of craft beer!

@GrapesofLife don’t know if you’d call it unusual but we have porkgiving at our house, either braised pork shoulder or pork rack.

@GrapesofLife in addition no mashed potatoes this year, instead potato gratan … can’t beat potatoes and cheese.

@readinggirl1984 Doing the anti-fam thing: Cafe Des Arch for dinner then movie.

@hecate117 cornish hens…the kids call them mini turkeys

@dollbabytina yay! I am doing beef tenderloin on the grill.we never eat all of the turkey.i did order brioche stuffing from bleeding hrt

@any_city_USA in light of the pumpkin shortage Im makin mince meat pies. Meat in pie is yum and makes for a good convo starter with in-laws.

@ThePieMistress We are doing duck, mushroom puff pastry, and pie. Not turkey fans here.

@leyla_a we usually do 2 birds, Turkey & this year it will be GOOSE

@Aireslibre I will be in Puerto Rico for Turkey Day so I will be eating Pernil (pork). Happy #Thanksgiving!!

@nomgasm a 7lb semi-boneless non-spiral sliced ham in the slow cooker with 2 cups of brown sugar

@annalisejohnson butternut squash w/ cheddar bread pudding is the alternative my vegetarian self and my organic CSA farm cousin are doing. yum

@trippingchrissy wait, there’s an alternative to turkey?! blasphemy! 🙂

@MFiorello whole roasted suckling pig!

@Tamssot Was going to be a Subway Cold Cut Combo. Until I learned it’s Turkey Ham, Turkey Bologna and Turkey Salami.

@JeanGWang A cow is sacrificing itself so that a turkey will not have to suffer at my hands this year. What a thoughtful cow.

@LADY_PUG_LOVER we always have turkey on thanksgiving

Turkeys run away... from the dinner table.

Turkeys run away... from the dinner table!

Come chat with @chicagobites on Twitter. Today we’ll be documenting our Japanese hot-pot Thanksgiving!

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