To share or not to share This week’s Twitter Round-up

Share and share alike!

Share and share alike!

This week we asked folks on Twitter if they shared food when eating out at a restaurants or if they guarded their order. For the most part, folks on Twitter are all about sharing! Here are some of responses:

@CousinEerie I share food w/those open to it (cuz I wanna try everything!). sadly only few folks fall into that category.

@fowlmouthhussie Food by nature is communal. It’s about shared experiences. Farm to table. Table to my mouth. Are you going to finish that?

@fegabi Share. I’m actually credited as the inventor of Tapas.

@leeturnerconn I share and husband guards. It is a constant problem in our marriage. He now agrees to give me 1 bite. No more.

@kuraiou appetizers & sides (fries in particular) are shared if you ask , & sometimes desserts, but never the main course.

@imagineannie It’s all about the sharing; we get to try more things and talk about them. We are deeply suspicious (and pitying) of hoarders.

@trippingchrissy My mom NEVER shares & is offended if you ask to taste her dish. My dad, sister, husband and I all share. (I hoard dessert) 🙂

@osburnrenn I don’t think food is inherently communal, but people are. Me? I’m a lemming on the subject. If everyone else is doing it.

@bekagan I’m a sharer, for sure!

@DazzlingRayn In my family sharing is a requirement. Though if a dish is especially good we are allowed to defend with forks. Sparks fly!

@aworth2007 I refuse to go out to eat with anyone who won’t share!

@SparkfireMarket I offer one or two bites to everyone at the table, and expect reciprocal bites. Rest of the meal tho is mine!

@ZestIndy Share! Share!

@EricavH except if it is SOOO good that one is savoring each and every bite! Ha! Just kidding.

@sbwhite1 Split two things. That means you get to try more!

@melmel930 You gotta share! 😉 Eating out is all about the experience and sharin’ with friends and fam.

@EricavH Food is made to be shared and enjoyed by everyone. Like wine it should enjoyed by everyone present

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  1. Brian Meagher left a comment on October 10, 2009 at 9:27 am

    I like the Twitter roundup idea as a weekly post. Nice work.

  2. chicagobites left a comment on October 10, 2009 at 9:35 am

    Thanks Brian. And thanks for suggesting an embedded player. Have been meaning to do it for a while. -Tammy

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