What restaurant tops your Chicago wishlist? This week’s Twitter round-up

Interesting seafood presentations are one of the reasons L20 tops the wishlist of many Chicago diners.

Interesting seafood presentations like this salt cod are one of the reasons L20 tops the wishlist of many Chicago diners.

What Chicago restaurant tops your wishlist right now? From the sublime to common, Twitter answers ran the gamut of Chicago’s dining experience:

@DancingDavidE two restaurants, Xoco and Schwa.

@brewhouse Xoco and The Publican

@fegabi Alinea, I guess. Just like everyone else. Just wait till I have nothing better to do 800 bucks..

@tageborkoff I’d love to go to Bon Soiree.

@StefaniaElise sushi samba!

@allaboutkelli I STILL haven’t been to Sunda…so that’s what tops my wishlist right now!

@Urraca Spring and Frontera

@richardmalone Chilam Bilam

@Tannaninator I want to try Frontera Grill and Topolobampo. Needless to say, I like Rick Bayless!

@shawnaatteberry Rick Bayless and Frontera Grill top my wishlist.

@EEPR_17 Have you had a Chicago dog from Fat Johnny’s? Best cheese dog in Chgo

@fianco_chicago old town social…gotta get there soon.

@MKinChiTown “the” Chicago restaurant on my wishlist = Alinea. I think Grant is so cool.

@tripleA325 Xoco…waiting for the line to die down

@desireekoh13 The Gage and Belly Shack.

@mktgmediamaven The Bad Apple

@chefstevejudd L2O + Whatever else Paul Kahan decides to open!

@sundevilpeg Prolly Stephanie Izard’s joint, whenever it opens.C-House, too, though I’d have to take Mr. I-Hate-Fish with me. PB&J, maybe?

@melmel930 Nightwood! Passed by it yesterday and am determined to try it!

@BrookeBeckner Giordano’s deep dish or Volare on Grand.

@harold_smith L20 and Bonsoiree

@leefromMARS Urban Belly or Nightwood…oh geezz..only one? no can do

@stresscake Schwa. Do they answer the phone? or do I just pick the worst times to call?

@SmallBarDst Talkin about Arun a lot lately

@jariyac The publican tops my list. but its my own fault. need to get my act together and make that reservation!

@zoetcetera L2O! I love my seafood.

@johnpneedham Still haven’t been to Bayless’ places.

@djheather Bristol. Have ya been?

@Featherbrained & @chanthana Alinea

@jalant Italian Village mmmmmm

@mnicolet Nightwood.

@alijarvis22 Schwa.

@kerigiordano frontera and xoco!

@mbhoffman Schwa!!! still can’t get a reservation that’s works when I’m in town

@GloveBoxGourmet Charlie Trotter’s on West Armitage.

@lukevmundo Belly Shack ’cause it’s new, close and I’m lazy.

@superdaniela Alinea! I’ve been and want to go again and again!

Thanks to our Twitter followers for revealing their restaurant desires! If you have a question for Chicago’s food community, leave us a comment or send us a question on Twitter.

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