How cheap is a cheap eat? This week’s Twitter Round-up

Pad Thai is definitely a cheap eat.

Pad Thai is definitely a cheap eat.

We relaunched Chicago Bites this week with a new hosting service and WordPress installation & started to clean-up categories for our entries. We thought it would be nice to note podcasts of “cheap eats”, but decided to get your input before we did.

What’s the upper dollar amount for a dinner experience in Chicago? Here are your answers:

@lishlovesyou $20

@VanessaHayes Cheap eat for me is $15 inclusive of beverage and tax.

@bsniz I think it depends on the meal: Han 202 @$20 is cheap. Weiner Circle @$7 is not!

@stresscake doesn’t seem so cheap when it’s over 10.

@theartistdegree $10 for 1 person (and that’s pushing it), $15 for 2.

@Honeycoop $12

@sarahhong Cheap Eat = under $10 before tax and tip.

@sonnytime cheap depending on the quality usually means $10 or less

@BarCards $20 per person at Han202 in Bridgeport is an outstanding option for a 5 Course BYOB.

@lundah upper limit = $15 + drinks

@allaboutkelli $20 or under for a cheap meal!

@rrinaldi I would consider 20 bucks cheap if that included everything (tax, tip, no adult beverages).

@photovox anything under $20 for 2 people is a “cheap eat”

@readinggirl1984 Cheap eats=GOOD dive food. I’d say $20 & under. I’ve been to some fabulous hole-in-the walls-pad thai for $5,tacos for $3,etc.

@notfortourists We think cheap eats means $3.50 like this place. But we work in Chinatown NYC, so we’re lucky.

@kafein $10 for a meal.

Thanks to all our Twitter followers for their input! If you have a question for Chicago’s food community, leave us a comment or send us a question on Twitter.