World Vegetarian Day & Foodie Souvenirs This week’s Twitter Round-up

NYC Cheesecake

In order to help a friend out with that *special something* to buy as a foodie NYC souvenir, we asked our Twitter community what a definitive gift would be. Here are some of your answers:

@osburnrenn Burger from SpottedPig, best souvenirs get in your belly!

@ChefBogy sore muscles from laughing with friends.

@BWCookieCompany your picture taken outside of diners that have been in movies/tv shows.

@kitchenartist RT @apathak: Black & White cookie purchased at JFK on your way to the gate…

@i8la stealing silverware from la Bernadin or daniels

@girliefromthed NYC foodie souvenir: Marie Belle hot chocolate, cupcakes from Sugar Sweet Sunshine, H &a..

@purkage NYC foodie souvenir: Marie Belle hot chocolate, cupcakes from Sugar Sweet Sunshine, H & H Bagel

@nSquib bagel from H&H, magnolia cupcake, or choc walnut cookie from levain.

@MollysKitchen A “definitive foodie souvenir from NYC”? A receipt from a David Chang restaurant.

@chibrunchblog anything that has to do with big slice pizza or photo montage with street food vendors

@ilyses A New Jersey shot glass

@DavidHammond A fantastic cchip walnut cookie from Levain bakery!!! The best you will ever eat!

@DavidHammond A doggie bag filled with steaks from Peter Luger?

@chowbelle A friend had me bring macarons from Bouchon. But there’s not much that’s not imminently perishable that’s worth bringing back.

@kristainlondon Anything from Dean and Deluca

@Cuprisin a baker’s dozen of bagels from H&H. i’m partial to the salt bagels myself.

@MollyLipsitz A friend brought me chopsticks in the wrapper from Chinatown’s Joe’s Shanghai, home of the best soup dumplings.

World Vegetarian Day bagel!

Green Zebra | Tots

We also asked how people would celebrate @desireekoh13. The answers ranged from the sublime to the meaty:

@PlittSeafood Dharma Garden in Old Irving Park.

@emilyhomer1 All you can eat salad bar at Karyn’s on Halsted – a bit pricey but worth every penny!

@JessamynC I’m not even a veg, but I love Chicago Diner!!

@cherylbowles Chicago Diner!!!

@HaleyKaren Everything’s pretty tasty at Mana, but definitely try the slider and the cucumber sakerita — you won’t be sorry!

@beerad Love my veggie spots! My fave is Mana.

@DancingDavidE I had a giant Reuben

@marzlet for #worldvegetarianday I’ll have one piece of bacon instead of two!

@jarod8bit for world veg day going to ras dashen. Yum can’t wait!

@bportseasoning ironic… Thinking about getting a steak.

@stlbites I’ll be eating meat.

@MerrittPR Eating a 100% grassfed beef hamburger

@FRITZPASTRY It’s not necessarily a vegetarian restaurant but Pita Inn has the most amazing vegetarian combination plate. Yum! Want 1 now

Twitter! Fritz has all veg lunch menu

Thanks to everyone who responded! If you have a question for Chicago’s food community, leave us a comment or send us a question on Twitter!