Oct 132009
Heaven is a tilapia taco from Carbon.

Heaven is a tilapia taco from Carbon.

It’s a great thing to find heaven in unexpected places. And when the food there is cheap and there’s no waiting? Even better.

Heaven in this case is Carbon Mexican Grill and it’s located under I-55 on 26th Street. The lovely view of concrete pylons didn’t detract a bit from my enjoyment of the $2.50 Tilapia tacos. A little guacamole and a side of elote added in? I hardly noticed the roar of traffic in the background.

For less than $10, you can have an outstanding lunch that beats most of what you can find in the Loop. It’s worth the drive.

Don't forget to get an order of spicy elote!

Don't forget to get an order of spicy elote!

Carbon Mexican Grill
300 W. 26th Street
Chicago, IL 60616

  3 Responses to “Carbon Mexican Grill
Heaven is a fish taco”

  1. Perfect timing. I have been craving fish tacos but have as of yet been unable to satiate (not crazy about the options in WP). This looks like a weekend field trip to me…looking forward to the taste of sunshine and cilantro!

  2. My 26th Street secret is out! I second that fish taco emotion. Paired with the crunchy cabbage and drizzled with the cilantro lime sauce? Delicioso!

  3. Apparently, there’s a whole slew of taco establishments along 18th Street — I heard tell of a “taco crawl”. Worth further explanation maybe?

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