Honey Crisps, Breakfast & Neighborhood Vibes
The Twitter Round-up

Honey crisp apples are the best part of Fall.

Honey crisp apples are the best part of Fall.

Every August I start craving the sweet, bubbly taste of honey crisp apples. Since I no longer work downtown, it’s harder to make it to a local farmer’s market. Fortunately, I’m not the only one who’s on the look-out! Our Twitter followers are equally fanatical and quick to point out when/where they were available!

Since that Fall chill is in the air, we also asked for recommendations for a hearty breakfast in the City. Here’s what you had to say:

@rjk wishbone in lakeview, kitsch’n on roscoe, meli cafĂ© in greektown and lula in logan sq are some of my go-tos
@valerie_rae Lou mitchell’s
@fowlmouthhussie flying saucer in humbolt park for the worlds largest breakfast burrito. Super great grits and pancake specials to die for.
@chicago_kira I like the breakfast skillets at Tempo’s.
@paigeworthy Glenn’s Diner on Montrose!
@chknlovr mhenry all the way for an awesome breakfast
@lodasi Tweet at 5020 N Sheridan can serve up a hearty breakfast.
@SingleHopChris Icosium Kafe, huge, delicious crepes!
@cheapdate Lou Mitchell’s, Wishbone, White Palace Grill to name three.
@lukevmundo Cozy Corner on California and Milwaukee always does the trick.
@Zesmerelda Personally, I’m a fan of any of the Golden Nugget restaurants for breakfast. Pancakes!
@Bullballs02 RT Where do you go for a hearty breakfast in the city? @harold_smith is looking to share sizable eats. MY KITCHEN

Prompted by our review of Nightwood earlier in the week and opinion that it sticks out, we asked our Twitter followers if a restaurant should take on the character of the surrounding neighborhood or not. Here’s what you had to say:

@tageborkoff It should have a little neighborhood and a little individual flair.
@djheather Well Wicker Park and it’s surrounding neighborhoods are missing Polish & Puerto Rican spots! No one has tppd into that at all. I lived there b 4 the boom. Over 17 years I saw a 360 turn. It’s become everything the artist community was against. But there is def a lot of greatness as well.
@jarod8bit to an extent sure – and in some hoods does. Look at wrigleyville.
@KeikoDesigns However, a “gem” is always a nice find. There are a few nice, chic restaurants in a college bar area near me. They are great
@KeikoDesigns I think it depends. If the area has a clear tone, the restaurant that matches the neighborhood will enrich the surroundings.
@TopLeftBrick Is it /nice/ for /some/ restaurants to reflect their neighborhoods’ “vibe?” Sure. You seem to be making it a requirement.

Thanks to all our wonderful Twitter followers! If you have a foodie question and want to get the community round-up, send it to us @chicagobites!