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Crème brûlée pancakes were well-loved at our table!

Crème brûlée pancakes were well-loved at our table!

The problem with finding a good brunch spot in Chicago and then talking about it is all the people that eventually swamp the place. Long lines, crowded rooms, and tortuous waits for coffee can ruin an otherwise blissful breakfast. Fortunately, none of that was present in our recent find. No, the spot was spacious and the food excellent!

In fact, we liked it enough to buy someone brunch! Listen to the podcast, look at the photos, comb through this entry, and then give us a shout out here, on Twitter, or send us an email with your guess. If you’re the first person to correctly guess where we had brunch, we’ll take you out to eat there! Happy hunting!

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Show Notes:
00:00 – 01:34 Mystery. Intrigue. Excitement. Brunch!
01:35 – 02:24 Clue #1 The space
02:25 – 03:35 Clue #2 Time for a curated brunch
03:36 – 05:05 Clue #3 Sweet breakfast
05:06 – 06:43 Clue #4 Savory breakfast
06:44 – 07:42 Clue #5 Vegetarian surprise
07:43 – 08:30 Clue #6 Sweeter breakfast
08:31 – 12:02 Clue #7 Working through service/drinks
12:03 – 13:32 Ratings & happy hunting

The pork and egg tostada can be made vegetarian.

The pork and egg tostada can be made vegetarian.

Bridget’s Ratings Tammy’s Ratings
Food Quality 4 4
Value 4 4
Service 3 3
Ambiance 4 5
Overall 6 7

Average price per person: $20

Want to guess about our mystery restaurant? Drop us a line on Twitter: @chicagobites.

  3 Responses to “Guess and win brunch
Chicago Bites Podcast #147”

  1. Oh man, I’m dying to know where this is from.. Looks so yummy! 🙂

  2. Was it Elate at the Hotel Felix? That’s my guess. I also posted on Twitter, but wanted to cover my bases. 🙂

  3. Congrats! Yes, it is Elate in the Felix Hotel. Email us ( & we’ll schedule a time to go to brunch. Thanks!

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