‘Eat to the Beat’ Box Lunch Sticker Shock

Tortilla chips & guacamole from the Park Grill.

Tortilla chips & guacamole from the Park Grill.

Years of going to movies and paying more at the concession stand than the box office should have prepared me for Tuesday’s box lunch sticker shock, but it didn’t.

I was at the Harris Theater for Eat to the Beat, the first of three 45-minute dance performances aimed at reeling in Loop lunch-goers for a quick bite of culture at a bargain price.

And I was hungry. I didn’t have time to pack a lunch or pick up something on the way, so I planned to buy a box lunch at the theater.

Unfortunately, the box lunches, provided by the Park Grill, were sold out when I got there. Maybe that’s a good thing because they cost $10 each. That’s double the price of admission!

It seemed a little steep to me for a sandwich, a bag of chips, a water and a cookie. That was until my friend and I decided to pick up some of the theater’s other snacks to tide us over. It cost us roughly eight dollars for two cookies and a bottle of water.

The five dollars we spent on the performance was more than worth it, but next time, I’ll bring my own lunch to keep the experience affordable.
Future Eat to the Beat performances will be at noon on November 17, and February 23. Mark your calendar!