Dining Out This Weekend? Here are Some Ideas

 Crispy potato tots at Green Zebra, our favorite vegetarian restaurant in West Town.

Crispy potato tots at Green Zebra, our favorite vegetarian restaurant in West Town.

Ahh. It’s Labor Day weekend! Three whole days of freedom lie ahead, which means it’s a great time to go try a new restaurant.

Our Twitter followers have been chatting lately about good vegetarian options in Wicker Park and their favorite Korean restaurants. Here’s what they have to say. Take a look, choose your next dining adventure, and have a fantastic weekend!

Vegetarian options in Wicker Park and beyond:
readinggirl1984: Oldie but a goodie, Earwax Cafe! Handlebar is also always pretty darn good!
torease: MANA on Division
beerad: Mana is my favorite vegetarian place
amandagilmore: Handlebar is good!
ChicagoBites: @JerkFaceJase It is in the West Town neighborhood but our fav vegetarian place by far is Green Zebra. Can’t go wrong there!

Korean restaurants:
bkim: San Soo Gab San 4 kalbi. Cho Sun Ok 4 chadoel. Don’t know how a vegetarian can stomach Korean BBQ since u will reek of meat.
mishangelle: My faves are Solga, San Soo Gab San, and Hae Woon Dae and they’re all pretty much in the same price range.
Detlev_P: San Soo Gab San is good and authentic. Appeared on Check Please http://bit.ly/19uW7J
ninakim: if you wanted to venture into the burbs, kum kang san in buffalo grove has top quality beef. its where the real koreans eat
TMO215: San Soo Gab San in Lincoln Square.
djheather: Try Cho Sun Ok, just before lincoln Square
marzlet: I love san soo gap san in lincoln square. i think the only veg option might be the bi bim bap, not sure what else.
marzlet: p.s. it’s also yelp AND Korean Mommy approved.
consumatron: Korean Tofu Soup: Sogongdong Tofu House – 3307 W Bryn Mawr Ave.
sujal_patel: Jin Ju is my favorite Korean restaurant(its not bbq) in Chicago. The food and their sojutinis are excellent.
consumatron: Korean BBQ: San Soo Gab San on Western near Foster you’ll be full before the bbq items reach the table.
scottFmurphy: I love San Soo Gab San: http://bit.ly/4uJKA

  1. RestaurantZoom left a comment on September 5, 2009 at 6:51 pm

    No matter what you love, Labor Day Weekend is the perfect opportunity to get out and try something new as well as some of your favorites. My wife and I have already hit our local sushi bar for lunch and the weekend is just getting started!

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