Vertigo Sky Lounge Quick Bite

The view from Vertigo Looking for a good place to celebrate making it through the workweek? Try Vertigo for happy hour.

Situated atop the Dana Hotel, Vertigo has a small mod outdoor patio with spectacular views (left) of the surrounding high-rises.

Some girlfriends and I recently spent a lovely evening there enjoying the scene, and I recommend it.

A few tips before you go:

Get there early so you can get a seat. The patio gets crowded quick.

Ask for the cocktail you really want. The bartender is good, but the fru-fru drinks on the menu are merely average.

Don’t go hungry. Although the chicken we tried was good, there’s very little of it and it’s expensive. So have a drink and take in the view, but then move on down the street to one of the restaurants on State for dinner. You’ll get more bang for your hard earned dollar.

TGIF Chicago!

Vertigo Sky Lounge
2 W. Erie St.
Chicago, IL 60610-3811