Los Moles Quick Bite

The shrimp at Los Moles looks great.

The shrimp at Los Moles looks great.

Los Moles is a good place to dine on a dime. In addition to a variety of affordable a la carte items, Lakeview’s newest addition to the mole scene offers a $40 five-course prix-fixe menu daily that’s an absolute steal. You’ll taste what’s best on the monthly menu when you let the chef take the wheel.

Los Moles is currently a BYOB, which also helps to keep a few more dollars in your pocket, although an impressive bar lines one wall of the oblong dining space, so bringing your own liquor may not be an option for long.

After I had a full-sized appetizer, salad, meat entrée, seafood entrée, and dessert, I waddled out of Los Moles completely satisfied with my meal and feeling like I’d gotten much more than my money’s worth. My dining companion had the prix-fixe menu too, and since we were served different dishes throughout, we made our way through a total of ten different menu items in one sitting!

Overall, the food is good at Los Moles, but some dishes are certainly better than others. The standouts for me included a dark chili flavored soup called Sopa Azteca, and the seafood special topped with green mole sauce. I also liked the white mole sauce I sampled. It’s a creamy blend of almonds, pine nuts, yellow peppers, white chocolate, golden raisins and white pepper that’s not overly sweet, and I haven’t found it anywhere else. It’s definitely worth a taste.

However, I’d steer clear of the shrimp with mole sauce. I’ve had it twice now, and it looks better than it tastes. Both times it was over cooked and served with too much sauce. Everything else I’ve tried on the menu falls somewhere in between the extremes, turning in a solid, if not spectacular performance.

The dining area is dimly lit, but still manages to have a friendly vibe, and the staff is attentive, but the service is a little slow. Still, this new kid on the block is worth a try. Los Moles is just getting on its feet, but from what I’ve seen so far, it’s a good bet for the price.

Los Moles
3140 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 935-9620
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