Green City Market Chef’s BBQ Recap

Tru's Tim Graham pours some of his secret sauce.

Tru's Tim Graham pours some of his secret sauce.

The Green City Market Chef’s BBQ, held last night in Lincoln Park, is what the Taste of Chicago SHOULD be! To hell with deep-fried food on a stick. Tasty tidbits served by Chicago’s finest, and in some cases most famous, are so much better.

You might say that we think that because we have gourmet taste. But when it costs a mere $60 to get sizable tastings of good food from more than 50 excellent Chicago restaurants, not to mention your choice of several Illinois wines and beers, it makes economic sense too.

To top it off, this BBQ had some much needed crowd control because only a limited number of tickets were sold. There were some lines, but they moved right along, and no one seemed to mind the wait when they were rewarded with mouth-watering beer braised goat from Stephanie Izard or flavorful ice cream from Hot Chocolate’s Mindy Segal.

The tastings we had made us want to go back for more. There was a lot of pork served, but the wide variety of preparations made for fun side-by-side taste tests to illustrate a chef’s personal flair. Because the event was outside, it maintained a low-key BBQ-like feel. Sure, there were women trying to walk through the wet grass in spike heels, but that only added to the entertainment value.

Buy your tickets early for next year and check out Tammy’s pictures!

Hot Chocolate's Mindy Segal scoops ice cream.

Hot Chocolate's Mindy Segal scoops ice cream.

Bridget’s Favorite Tastes:
Tru’s pork sausage, Mado’s BBQ beef tongue, Stephanie Izard’s braised goat, Blackbird’s corndog, and Hot Chocolate’s cherry ice cream.

Tammy’s Favorite Tastes:
Tru’s goat cheese mousse with preserved cherries, Convito’s skewer of golden beets and goat cheese, and A Mano’s chilled yellow tomato gazpacho.

  1. Chicago Garden left a comment on July 18, 2009 at 11:24 am

    Looks like a good time.
    Your pics on Flickr of this event are really nice.

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