De Cero Taqueria – Another Look

Tacos are the specialty at De Cero.

Tacos are the specialty at De Cero.

A restaurant in Chicago with staying power has usually got game. And De Cero seems to be holding its own.

Tammy and I first reviewed it roughly three years ago, and when we returned Friday night to celebrate Karen’s Birthday (Yea!) it was bustling, just like it was during our first visit. But did this most recent experience match up with our initial impressions? Does De Cero still have it?

Yes and no.

De Cero is still a solid choice with good service, decent food, and a fun atmosphere. In fact, I think it’s very much what it ever was.

But I wasn’t as impressed with it this time. That’s partly because I’ve eaten a lot more Mexican food over the years, and my tastes have changed. But it’s mostly because the house margaritas weren’t nearly as good as I remembered!

Here are some additional impressions to consider if De Cero is on your to-do list:

  • De Cero is a good place for a party. The staff does a great job with large groups, both planning for them and taking care of them throughout the evening. Our server even suggested pitches of margaritas to be cost conscious. De Cero also has a very reasonable cake-cutting fee if you want to bring in an outside dessert for a special occasion.
  • Tacos are the specialty here and there’s lots to choose from! You can order as many or as few as you like in any combination, which is great for portion control. The flank steak taco was my favorite… the tuna was a tad over-cooked.
  • The sauces are tasty! We liked the salsa verde, guacamole, and the sauce on Tammy’s ahi tuna entree.
  • It’s really loud in the dining room, and as we’ve said before, it’s certainly not the place for a quiet chat.
  • The tables are super narrow, making both leg and wheelchair clearance tough.

All things considered, De Cero is still worth a visit.

The chicken fajitas got rave reviews.

The chicken fajitas got rave reviews.

De Cero Taqueria
814 W Randolph St
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 455-8114
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Bridget’s Ratings Tammy’s Ratings
Food Quality 3 3
Value 3 3
Service 4 4
Ambiance 2 3
Overall 5 6

Average price per person: $40-50

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