Spiaggia Chicago Bites Podcast #138

This scallop was perfectly prepared -- just like everything else we tried at Spiaggia.

This scallop was perfectly prepared -- just like everything else we tried at Spiaggia.

As part of our ongoing quest to dine in the footsteps of the president, Tammy and I recently devoured three courses at Spiaggia. How did it compare to other high-end dining experiences we’ve had in the city? We break it down in this podcast.

Warning: We recorded outside in a park this week because it was just too nice to stay inside! We hope that ambient noise from the train, wind, and other park dwellers adds something to the show and isn’t too distracting. But I have to admit that I was a little distracted myself at one point because a lacrosse ball was hurling our way at an alarming speed. Because I was busy wondering if I needed to duck and cover, I wasn’t really paying attention to what T was talking about, and I repeat what she already said. She claims that’s because I never listen to her.

But I assured her, as I do you, that I’m all ears when flying objects aren’t descending upon us.

Repetitiveness aside, this podcast is worth a listen because Spiaggia is worth a visit… even if it’s not our favorite.

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Show Notes:
00:00 – 02:30 Enjoying the sun and talking about fine dining and ambiance
02:31 – 03:13 Waited on hand and foot until the bitter end
03:14 – 04:26 Menu options, pricing, the ball headed right for us, and pricing
04:27 – 05:57 First course: High quality food, sourcing, pairing, and modifications
06:58 – 07:08 Second course: Fresh pasta with black truffle all around
07:09 – 09:35 Third course: Is it okay to order sea bass and snapper?
09:36 – 10:41 Finishing with a rum-soaked brioche and homemade whipped cream
10:42 – 12:12 No lingering, and comments on accessibility in the private dining area
12:13 – 14:55 Wrap-up and sign-off

The black truffle gnocchi is to die for.

The black truffle gnocchi is to die for.

980 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 280-2750 | Make Reservations
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Bridget’s Ratings Tammy’s Ratings
Food Quality 5 5
Value 4 4
Service 4 4
Ambiance 4 4
Overall 9 8

Average price per person: $150

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