Apr 112009
The last six pack of Zima Citrus in Illinois?

The last six pack of Zima Citrus in Illinois?

When I heard that Zima was to be discontinued, I put out a plea on Twitter to help me score a last taste of the malt beverage. Joe and Lisa from the Cheap Date Podcast found a six pack from a suburban Binny’s and hauled it into the city for me. Thanks, guys! You make the Internet a wonderful place!

The citrus flavor was a little different than I remembered, but otherwise it was Zima in all its glory — beer without the bitter, fruit without the sweet, and with just the faintest hint of bile going down. I like this sour drink and I’m sorry it’s almost gone. Just five bottles left…

  2 Responses to “Zima, The Last Taste”

  1. I too was disappointed when Zima was discontinued. I have a 6 pack remaining that I’m saving. Has anyone found a malt beverage that’s similar to this??

  2. I scored a six-pack on May 30!! I was in the little town of Batavia, Ohio, and there it was in the back of the cooler! I know I’m lame, but this has been MY drink for years, and you described it perfectly. Beer without the bitter, fruit without the sweet….anyway….I have two left…..sweet misery!

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