Hawaiian Shave Ice

Tammy's rainbow shave ice has ice cream in the center.

Tammy's rainbow shave ice has ice cream in the center.

One of the first “lifestyle” press photos I saw after the election was of Obama downing a shave ice. So we made a point to try some while we were in Hawaii.

I thought it would taste like the snow cones I used to grind out of my Snoopy snow cone maker as a kid, but it was so much better!

Shave ice has the texture of a slushee rather than a snow cone. The flavor is consistent clear through, so you’re not left with a melting glob of ice at the end. And you can even order it with ice cream in the center!

Gone are flimsy paper cone holders — they couldn’t contain these massive concoctions. Shave ice requires plastic bowl-like molds complete with table stands to stay upright.

I sampled the goods at Waiola Shave Ice, which claims to be the best, and the Coconut Café (Beware: cringe-worthy Mariah Carey music plays on this Web site, so I strongly suggest you turn the sound off before clicking on this link). The available flavors were different, but overall, the products were very much the same.

Does anyone know where I can get shave ice in Chicago? I miss it already, and the Fla-Vor-Ice in my freezer isn’t cutting it. I may resort to a trip to Seven Eleven for a Slurpee. I think that’s as close as I’m going to get.

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