Chicago Bites Podcast #134

Renaldi's thin crust pizza hits the spot when you dine there or have it delivered.

Renaldi's thin crust pizza hits the spot when you dine there or have it delivered.

I have a confession to make. I like thin crust pizza. It’s not that I don’t appreciate Chicago-style… after enduring this winter’s chill, I certainly see the merit of a stuffed crust more than ever. It sticks to your bones and may provide a little insulation. Still, when it comes to the quality of taste, thin crust pizza wins hands down. And you can find a solid example of what it should be at Renaldi’s. There’s no frou-frou pizza here, just classic favorites that hit the spot whether you dine-in or call for delivery.

Let me apologize now, gentle listeners. I must have gotten a little carried away with excitement somewhere in between talking about plastic pitchers of coke and marinara dipping sauces because I mispronounce “Renaldi’s” in this podcast. But T and I like the restaurant enough to post our review anyway. I misspoke, but Renaldi’s is still worth talking about.

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Show Notes:
00:00 – 01:37 Classic thin crust pizza in a classic place
01:38 – 02:42 Dipping sauce for the pizza… awesome
02:43 – 03:19 Brown crunchy appetizers
03:20 – 05:14 They deliver! And it’s as good as eating in
05:13 – 06:04 Service, ambiance, and the merits of a big lazy Susan
06:05 – 08:06 Wrap-up & sign-off

2827 N Broadway St
Chicago, IL 60657
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Bridget’s Ratings Tammy’s Ratings
Food Quality 5 3
Value 5 5
Service 5 4
Ambiance 4 3
Overall 10 8

Average price per person: $15

  1. David left a comment on March 31, 2009 at 8:38 am

    This was confusing! Ranalli’s also wraps their pizza in foil.
    That said, I always thought of Renaldi’s as more of a New York-style pizza joint. But it is my second favorite in Chicago, behind Ranalli’s.

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