Change of Plan and Note about Good Service

Looking for our take on Graham Elliott? You won’t find it because we had an unexpected change of plan.

It turns out that there is a flight of stairs to get into Graham Elliott, and because they are remodeling the dining space, there is no wheelchair ramp.

When I made reservations I mentioned that there was a wheelchair in our party, and I confirmed that the day of, so I was really surprised when I got there and couldn’t get in.
Now, this could be an example of absolutely horrible service, but it’s not. That’s because the manager at Graham Elliott owned up to the mistake. He offered to have the staff carry me up the stairs, but I respectfully declined. What if someone got hurt? To say nothing of the loss of dignity involved in being carried anywhere.

So the manager made reservations for us down the street at MK and treated us to a bottle champagne before dinner.

Because he did everything he could to make a wrong right, Tammy and I look forward to going back to eat at Graham Elliott sometime soon.

Until then, look for our review of MK on Monday. We spent a delightful evening there instead!