Jul 082008
The nuts and fruit section at Andy's "ethnic" grocery store -- a great place to shop!

Tammy and I are cosmopolitan eaters. But when it comes to ethnic food, we don’t always know what’s best. That where you come in. Know the “it” place to chow down on your favorite ethnic cuisine? Send us a suggestion! We’re looking for places off the beaten path that serve authentic food.

Recently, we’ve tried a variety of Ethiopian and Peruvian places, and now we want to branch out. Puerto Rican or Cuban restaurants maybe? Have ideas? We’d like to hear from you!

  8 Responses to “What’s Your Favorite Ethnic Food?”

  1. If you’re going to branch out at least spell PUERTO Rican correctly. For chrissakes.

  2. Oopps! You’re right. It’s fixed now. And next time you comment, let us know who you are. It’s good to own up to your comments and that way we can respond to you.

  3. I am Slovak and ethnic bohemian food is a necessity. The Riverside restaurant in North Riverside is generally acknowledged as the best Slovak food in Chicagoland. The owners were friends of my grandmother. They make an amazing breaded pork tenderloin with gravy. Try it with sauerkraut, liver dumpling soup, and bread dumplings for the real effect. But watch out, they are cash only. There are many other Czech/Slovak restaurants in the Chicagoland area. Klas or Czech Plaza in Berwyn are great Czech restaurants. The Bohemian Crystal in Westmont is Czech/Slovak but has amazing sauerkraut. Try their Moravian platter for more fall-off-the-bone meat than you can handle. The nice thing about Czech/Slovak restaurants is that they are all very affordable, approx. $10-15 a plate. And a “plate” could feed two. Most of the food names have been translated into english based on ingredients, like Beef w/ dill gravy. Also, don’t be afraid to try the dishes that have foreign sounding names like halushky, svichkova, & segedinski goulash. They are all wonderful.

  4. Thanks for the wonderful suggestions Kate! I can’t wait to try these dishes!

  5. I personally love Cuban food, or what little amounts of it I can find in CO!

  6. I know it’s a little off the beaten path, and don’t be put off by its American “banquest hall” exterior. The Epicurian Hungarian in Hillside is a great spot for Hungarian food. And they do have gypsy music from time to time.
    Also, Cafe LaGuardia in Wicker Park is a good bet for Cuban–great food and great mojitos!

  7. You have to try Irazu in Chicago for great Costa Rican food. The oatmeal “milkshakes”, sounds weird, are fantastic!

  8. Sounds great, Tracey. We’ll do that!

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