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Frontera Grill's Flan was one of the highlights of 2007.  What goodies will we find in 2008?

Frontera Grill's Flan was one of the highlights of 2007. What goodies will we find in 2008?

What’s in store for Chicago Bites in 2008? We hesitate to speculate on all of the particulars and have left plenty of room in our plans for the unexpected. That’s half the fun!

We can tell you that we will introduce a more comprehensive rating system in 2008 to give you an even better idea of the Chicago restaurant scene. Also, keep an eye out for thematic shows like Chicago’s best “cheap eats,” eating challenges, and neighborhood highlights.

Here’s a taste of some of the places on our evolving restaurant list, which we use as a guide for our culinary outings. As always, we’re open to suggestions! Drop us an e-mail if there’s a spot we must absolutely include.

Brunch Spots
935 N. Damen at W. Walton St.

Over Easy Cafe
4943 N. Damen Ave.

3819 Southport Ave.

Chicago Classics
Morton’s of Chicago
1050 N. State St.

Parrot Cage
South Shore Cultural Center

Twin Anchors
1655 N. Sedgwick

High-end Aspirations
Charlie Trotter’s
816 W. Armitage Ave.

619 W. Randolph St.

New & Upcoming Spots
Brasserie Ruhlmann
500 W. Superior St.

2056 W. Division St.

Powerhouse Restaurant & Bar
215 N. Clinton St.

Vegetarian Spots
Chicago Diner
3411 N. Halsted St.

Green Zebra
1460 W. Chicago Ave.

2039 W. North Ave.

Tammy and I hope you continue to enjoy hearing about our dining adventures as much as we enjoy having them. Here’s to a new year full of spectacular food. Happy dining!

  3 Responses to “Happy New Year! Resolutions and Ratings”

  1. Sadly, Dodo closed it’s doors back in mid-October…

  2. Tammy says Dodo is looking for new space, so there’s still a chance for 2008!

  3. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in the new year. (Still catching up on older podcasts.)

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