SweetCakes Taste-Test
On the road in Denver

Pretty little SweetCakes in their delivery box.

Pretty little SweetCakes in their delivery box.

I ordered two-dozen “SweetCakes” from Denver cupcake caterer Sarah Lippa during a recent visit to the Mile High City. Who could resist after reading about them and seeing pictures of them online?

Not me. I jumped at the opportunity. Especially because Lippa delivers her lovely creations right to your door!

But I was faced with a dilemma. I couldn’t decide what kind of SweetCakes to try. So I had to figure out a good way to sample as many kinds as possible. That’s why I conducted a cupcake taste-test with family and friends one night after dinner.

I asked my good friend Angie, an avid cupcake lover and native Denverite, to sum up the taste-test and give me her take on SweetCakes. Here’s what she said:

I was so excited when Bridget asked me to help her review SweetCakes. Not being a Chicago resident, I missed out on the infamous Cupcake Crawl last year and I was excited to taste cupcakes in a competitive environment.

After discussing the categories, we dove into the pretty cupcakes. We started with the house specialty “SweetCakes.” These vanilla cupcakes with blue buttercream frosting, sugar sparkles and sprinkles were beautiful. I really liked the appearance of the piped on frosting. The frosting was very sweet, but I didn’t find it overwhelmingly so. The cupcake itself was unfortunately a little dry and didn’t quite stand up to the sweet frosting.

Next we dove into the chocolate cupcakes. The cupcake flavor itself was unremarkable, although the texture and moistness was good, but the frosting was amazing! It had a chocolate mousse flavor to it, while staying true to a frosting texture. I would definitely order more of these cupcakes just for the frosting! Sarah also offers a chocolate cupcake with a chocolate-lavender frosting. I would love to try those in the future!

By popular consensus we moved on to the lemon cupcakes next. These were the only that I thought weren’t up to standard with the presentation. Instead of having a thick layer of piped on icing, these had more of a lemon glaze look to them. However, the flavor more than made up for their looks—these cupcakes, particularly the glaze/frosting, had an amazing fresh lemon flavor. The cupcakes were a little denser than the other cupcakes, but still sweet enough to qualify as cupcakes rather than muffins.

Last we tried the “Red Hot Devil’s Food” cupcakes. These cupcakes were certainly vivid red, with a thick layer of piped cream cheese frosting and a delicious praline on top! I was really looking forward to trying these cupcakes, but I was surprised at how mild the spice flavor was. Particularly with the sweet cream cheese frosting, it was difficult to really appreciate the spice flavor. You could tell that they were more savory than the other cupcakes, but I was hoping for something more intense.

As we tasted the cupcakes, there was an ongoing debate about “cupcakeness.” Bridget and I agree that there is something that makes a cupcake different from a mini-cake, but the more experienced cooks in the room insisted that a cupcake recipe is just cake batter poured into a cupcake tin.

We decided it was time to pull out the big guns, so I called my friend Scott the pastry chef. Scott says that technically we are both right—cupcakes are made with cake batter, but cupcakes are moister than cake because they are baked for a shorter period of time.

In the end, I felt that Sarah still has some aspects she could improve with her cupcakes, but there are still unique flavors such as the chocolate-lavender, Chinese five spice, and her spring special “Peep” cupcakes that I would love to try. If I were having a party, I would definitely order cupcakes from SweetCakes, particularly some of the unique flavors that you won’t find anywhere else, because they would make a beautiful and enjoyable addition to any party menu.

What’s my overall impression of SweetCakes?

They’re good but not great. I agree with Angie that you need to step up your game a bit, Sarah. But keep at it! I absolutely loved having cupcakes delivered to my door. That alone brings cupcake indulgence to a whole new level.

Denver, CO

Price: Roughly $20-$25 a dozen depending on size and flavor

Delivery only! To place an order or learn more:
E-Mail: sarahsweetcakes@gmail.com
Call Sarah: (303) 641-7579

Bridget rates SweetCakes 5/10