Apr 022007
Mussels are served steaming hot!

Mussels are served steaming hot!

A few weeks ago we asked listeners to share their favorite tapas places in Chicago, and our friend Jack offered to share his family’s favorite tapas spot, Arco de Cuchilleros. We enjoyed an evening of delightful company, yummy tapas, and excellent sangria, but did Arco de Cuchilleros hold its own? Listen in and find out!

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Show Notes:
00:00 – 00:52 Intro, Tapas Smack Talk
00:53 – 02:28 Yes, but how was the sangria?
02:29 – 10:50 Arco de Cuchilleros, Dish-by-Dish
10:51 – 12:54 Ratings and Sign-Off

Arco de Cuchilleros
3445 N Halsted St.
Chicago, IL

Bridget rates Arco de Cuchilleros 5/10
Tammy rates Arco de Cuchilleros 5/10

Mystery fruit tart with chocolate sauce.

Mystery fruit tart with chocolate sauce.

  3 Responses to “Arco de Cuchilleros Chicago Bites Podcast #49”

  1. Visit also Magnolia Cafe in Chicago. They have heavenly potato/blue cheese cakes…Yummy!

  2. My late mother used a wheelchair and I can’t tell you how many times she’d call ahead to double-check whether a restaurant was accessible, be assured it was, and then be directed to the alley. In one case, busboys cheerfully carried her up a small flight of stairs off to one side of a grease Dumpster.
    I don’t care whther the ADA offers options; I say accessibility means the front door.

  3. Leigh,
    I think you make a great point. What’s almost as bad in my mind, is long routes through back hallways or alternate entrances that are sometimes on the other side of the building. I’m able bodied and it makes me tired to take the long way around!
    I know places try, but sometimes they should consider if their solution is really worth the effort.

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