Mar 262007
Savory is as good as sweet at M. Henry.

Savory is as good as sweet at M. Henry.

The menu at M. Henry is amazing. That’s because absolutely everything on it looks good. And if our experience is any indication, everything served at M. Henry tastes as good as it looks. I have been craving their aptly named Bliss Cakes (because the word “pancakes” doesn’t go far enough) ever since I tried them. I think it’s safe to say that M. Henry is a Chicago Bites favorite. Listen to our on-the-street review to hear all about it!

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Show Notes:
00:00 – 00:27 Takin’ Podcasting to the Streets
00:28 – 1:11 Beached Whales
01:12 – 09:11 M. Henry Review
09:11 – 11:19 Ratings and Sign-Off

M. Henry
5707 N. Clark
Chicago, IL

Bridget rates M Henry 9/10
Tammy rates M Henry 9/10

The Bliss Cakes are truly blissful.

The Bliss Cakes are truly blissful.

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Chicago Bites Podcast #48”

  1. So glad y’all liked my local brunch love. The “bacon wrapped baked eggs with polenta & mixed field greens” and “rustic peasant quiche and mixed field greens” are consistently excellent.

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