Fiddlehead Cafe
Chicago Bites Podcast #43

Scallops are a hearty appetizer.

Scallops are a hearty appetizer.

This week’s intro comes from our friend Chris, aka the Faithful Foodie. Bridget and I recently took Chris to the Fiddlehead Cafe as a birthday gift. Did he like it? Will he dine with us again? Here are his thoughts on that dining experience:

Fiddlesticks. Fiddlehead has tremendous potential but leaves patrons wondering. How can a restaurant squander good service, fine wine, a comfortable d├ęcor, and a wonderful location? The answer is simple, management forgot that patrons are looking to escape the inconveniences of everyday life while relaxing with friends over dinner. As a result, Fiddlehead does not provide you with an enjoyable evening.

Fiddlehead does not provide valet service and there is not adequate public parking. Consequently, the Fiddlehead dinning experience begins with a 20 to 30 minute parking ordeal. Recommendation? Get a valet service.

The pantry is across the dining room from the kitchen, so patrons watch staff members traipse across the dinning room caring supplies all evening. I would move the pantry or plan ahead. Also, the food is not consistently interesting. Some dishes are wonderful, while others are bland. The irony is the dishes show great creativity and are well-presented. The chef just needs to tweak the recipes a bit and experiment a little more.

Management does not ask for input from patrons — any good restaurant asks patrons for feedback. This feedback would save Fiddlehead from receiving bad reviews and failure.

Despite the harsh words, Fiddlehead has the potential for long-term success, provided management learns to effectively manage the entire dining experience. Good service, fine wine, comfortable surroundings, and a good location simply are not enough. Fiddlehead must provide a complete and relaxing dinner experience.

-The Faithful Foodie

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Show Notes:
00:00 – 00:55 Intro
00:56 – 12:26 Fiddlehead Review
12:27 – 14:22 Ratings and Sign-Off

Fiddlehead Cafe
4600 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL

Bridget rates Fiddlehead Cafe 3/10
Tammy rates Fiddlehead Cafe 5/10

Enjoy the selection of wine flights at Fiddlehead!

Enjoy the selection of wine flights at Fiddlehead!

  1. Shylo left a comment on March 22, 2007 at 11:43 am

    Hey! Just saw this post. I’m sure it is inconvenient that they dont have valet, but there are two large public pay lots within a couple blocks of Fiddlehead, one across from the Old Town School and one right where Lincoln curves west.

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