La Creperie

Sad. Closed after 40+ years in business.

Setting foot in here is akin to a quick trip to France.

Setting foot in here is akin to a quick trip to France.

Think that crepes are only good for breakfast? A trip to La Creperie will quickly disabuse you of that notion. The menu is simple but gives you all of the tools you need to build the perfect breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert crepe. Don’t like cheese? Just leave it out. Want whipped cream with that? No problem!

My favorite trick-of-the trade is to go to La Creperie with a like-minded friend who is willing to share food. That way I can taste a little bit of everything. The salad, French onion soup and cheese plate are all excellent appetizers. The crepes are the size of a large dinner plate, and they are very filling, so eating half of one is more than enough. Besides, you’ll want to leave room for dessert! My favorite dessert crepe is a toss-up between the banana sara and the nutella crepe with fresh strawberries.

La Creperie also has a nice wine list that includes a small selection of ports and dessert wines. I highly recommend trying a glass of port, especially if you get a chocolate dessert crepe… it’s a lovely combination.

Like any good Parisian café, the atmosphere at La Creperie is laid back and comfortable. It’s the sort of place where you can linger over a cup of coffee with a book in hand, and it’s also a good spot for long quiet conversations. The dining area is long and narrow, and the quaint outdoor courtyard in the back, as well as the photos of Paris on the walls, successfully complete an overall European feel. La Creperie’s close proximity to the Century Shopping Center makes it the perfect place to stop after going to a movie.

But remember, it’s closed on Monday. I’m always forgetting that myself. If you find yourself faced with a closed sign on Monday, you may be tempted to settle for dining at the nearby Crepes on Broadway. Don’t do it. La Creperie is so good that Crepes on Broadway never fails to disappoint, even though it’s not bad. After La Creperie, “not bad” isn’t good enough.

La Creperie
2845 N Clark
Chicago, IL

Price: For the whole shebang (namely a whole savory and a whole dessert crepe) plan on paying roughly $15 a person, $20 with alcohol.

I give this restaurant at 7/10.

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