Cupcake Crawl FAQs

Cupcakes from Dinkel's Bakery on Lincoln Avenue.

Cupcakes from Dinkel's Bakery on Lincoln Avenue.

Why are you sponsoring a Cupcake Crawl?
We had to settle an argument about which was Chicago’s best cupcake, and this seemed the best way to do it.


What time does the Cupcake Crawl begin?
10:00 AM on Saturday, September 23! There are seven places on the list & they’re geographically dispersed. We decided to start early because some places close before 5:00 PM.

How long is the Cupcake Crawl?
You can do as much or as little of the Cupcake Crawl as you’d like. However, given the number of people involved and the amount of travel, we think it will take you until 4:30.

I don’t want to take public transportation, can I drive instead?
Sure, but we don’t recommend it. Parking isn’t good in most of these neighborhoods.

Why should I start the Cupcake Crawl with the group?
We’ve secured discounts for people on the Cupcake Crawl. Start with the group to get your Chicago Bites sticker as well as itinerary maps and rating sheets.

Why should I RSVP?
You can visit the establishments on the list without joining the Cupcake Crawl, that’s true. However, with this many people coming, we’d like to give the establishments on the list a fair idea of numbers and approximate times they can expect sugar fiends to arrive on their doorstep.

I started late. How do I find you?
Subscribe to our Cupcake Alert Service and have itinerary information sent to your cellphone!

I can’t view the interactive map. How do I see the route?
If you’ve RSVP-ed for the Cupcake Crawl, we’ll provide you with a PDF of the route as well as an itinerary.

Is the Cupcake Crawl kid-friendly?
Cupcakes are inherently kid-friendly. However, there won’t be many kids on the Cupcake Crawl. If you’re bringing kids, we’d recommend only doing a few stops instead of the whole thing.

What if it rains?
Cupcakes still taste good in the rain! We hope you’ll grab an umbrella and join us.

What happened to some of the places that were originally on the list?
Unfortunately, not everyone agreed to be part of the Cupcake Crawl. If a place is not on the list, you are free to go and rate the cupcakes, but don’t say we sent you! Also, some places were left off because of logistics. We provide alternative routes on the itinerary.

Where do I find pictures of the event?
We plan to put pictures on Flickr as well as this site. If you take pictures and want to add them, please join our Flickr group.

When do we get the results?
We’ll pull the results together and publish early next week.