Sep 072006

Join us in our quest to find Chicago’s best cupcake!

Plan to tour some of the city’s hottest cupcake spots, taste the goods, and rate them on Chicago Bites’ very own cupcake rating scale*. Your ratings will then be discussed on an upcoming podcast. We plan to record as we go along too, so you can share your thoughts directly with our listeners.

When you RSVP, you’ll get a map of our cupcake destinations** and a specific timetable for the day. You’ll also get details about our cupcake rating criteria, so that you’ll be ready to review.

Can’t join us for the whole day? No worries. You’ll be able to find where we are by subscribing to an alert service on your cell phone. Just pop in for a cupcake whenever. But be sure to RSVP in the comments or send us an e-mail to wrangle an evite.

Plan on spending anywhere between $2 and $5 per cupcake at each place. We recommend finding a cupcake buddy to share the cost and food. That way you won’t go into sugar shock!

See you at the Cupcake Crawl. It will be a great time! Until then, happy dining!

UPDATE: Do you have more questions about the Cupcake Crawl? Visit our FAQ!

*Our rating scale will be a subject of an upcoming post. We’d appreciate your suggestions for rating cupcakes!

**The list of places to visit is also a work in progress, so please provide us with your thoughts of where we must go and what we should leave out.

A Mandarian Orange Cupcake from Bom Bon Americano!

A Mandarian Orange Cupcake from Bom Bon Americano!

  62 Responses to “Chicago Bites Cupcake Crawl Save the Date – September 23”

  1. My girlfriend and I would like to RSVP for the Cupcake Crawl.

  2. rsvp for 2, to the cupcake crawl.

  3. You might want to try Sweet Occasions in Andersonville too! 5306 N. Clark

  4. Alliance Bakery
    Bleeding Heart Bakery is still working on finding a cupcake liner they like so they don’t have cupcakes – at least this is what I had read on Yelp.

  5. rsvp for 2 to the cupcake crawl. (yumm!!)

  6. Please sign me and Maureen up for the crawl. We do our own Chocolate Crawl in the Mag Mile area so we are excited about this.

  7. I’ve heard Dinkel’s on Lincoln is the cupcake equivalent of nirvana.

  8. Boo. I think I’ll be out of town. This sounds so fantastic though, especially for those cupcake-obsessed like myself.
    The House of Fine Chocolates on Broadway also has a some cupcakes. I recently got their giant Red Velvet one, which was decent, although not spectacular.

  9. rsvp for 2 for the cupcake crawl. I can’t wait. 🙂

  10. Please keep me posted on the crawl, cupcake!

  11. RSVP for 2

  12. I would like to RSVP me and my best friend for the cupcake crawl.

  13. i am so very excited! can i rsvp for two?

  14. RSVP for 3 for the cupcake crawl!

  15. Erin Shea and Rachelle Bowden are planning to attend!

  16. Thanks to everyone who’s signed up! We plan to send out more details soon.

  17. Please reserve 2 for the sugar shock crawl, can’t wait!

  18. RSVP for 2 to the crawl!

  19. RSVP for 2

  20. I’d like to RSVP for 2 🙂
    -I’ll 2nd the vote for Dinkel’s!
    -I’d also like to check out: Sweet Mandy B’s, Angel Food Bakery on Montrose, Cupcakes on Briar, & A Taste of Heaven

  21. I’d like to RSVP for two please.

  22. RSVP for 2 … so excited to find your site!

  23. rsvp for 2

  24. I would like to RSVP for myself and 3 other ladies.

  25. Count 4 of us in.
    You may want to add SOuthport Grocery to your list, as well. IMHO, their’s rival the ones at Magnolia in NYC. Plus they just added Cupcake Pancakes to their menu: pancakes made from cupcake batter.

  26. Not RSVPing sadly, but I have to agree with Tim on Southport Grocery’s cupcakes. There are a sheer slice of heaven–the vanilla ones are the best cupcakes I’ve ever had in my life!

  27. Southport Grocery is definitely on the list!

  28. This event needs to be rescedule as we will be out of town. We insist! However, we do not wish to deprive other devotees- therefore, this event can be repeated weekly!!!!

  29. We may have to repeat the event! We’ve had so much interest in cupcakes!

  30. Dawn and I are ready to taste!!!

  31. RSVPing for 2. =)

  32. Hands down, the best cupcake in Chicago is at the Southport Grocery and Cafe. The crawl should start and end there!

  33. Try Angel Food Bakery (1636 W. Montrose) and the Southport Grocery.

  34. RSVP for one

  35. I would like to RSVP for two please!

  36. RSVP 3 for the cupcake crawl

  37. I love cupcakes you can count me in!! I will bring my whole family!

  38. Please send me an evite – I need details on time. Great idea! Thanks!

  39. Count me in with a guest!

  40. RSVP for four yay!!!

  41. RSVPing for 2. FUN!

  42. RSVP for 2. Don’t Miss Sarah’s Candies’ carrot-cake muffins and black & white muffings (literally half choc cake & icing and half vanilla cake & icing) – they are AMAZING!!

  43. Please RSVP for 4. We are celebrating my friend’s engagement and her fiance proposed via cupcake. Very appropriate!

  44. please rsvp for 2 spots- erin and jeff…thanks!

  45. Would love to attend!

  46. I’d like to RSVP please.

  47. can’t wait

  48. Please allow for two additional people, myself and my nine year old daughter! CupCakes rule!!!

  49. I recommend A Taste of Heaven on Clark St. in Andersonville (two clocks north of Sweet Occasions). In my opinion, along with Bittersweet on Belmont, they have the best tasting cupcakes.

  50. Please sign us up for 2!

  51. RSVP for 2 for the cupcake crawl

  52. Is this event appropriate for a 2-year-old who loves cupcakes? Or is this more adults-only? (I will not be offended either way, just figuring out the vibe)

  53. 2 for cupcake crawl

  54. How fun! I wish I could join you. You need to add Sweet Mandy B’s to your list. They are the best!

  55. I love this idea. not sure I can do the whole event but I would like to participate.

  56. RSVP for 2

  57. RSVP for two please!

  58. Any more room for the cupcake crawl? I’d like to go!!

  59. Ummm… yes PLEASE

  60. We were out of town and missed the crawl. How was it? And…can I get the list and map to go on my own?
    Many thanks,

  61. I want in on the cup cake thing!
    Please send me invitations and anything to do with cup cakes.

  62. I love cupcakes!

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