Chicago Bites Podcast #21

Looking for something light? Quartino’s, which opened at the beginning of the summer, specializes is small plates that are great to share with friends after work. The food it tasty and affordable, and so is the wine. The house wines I’ve tried have all been good. And they serve it Italian-style– no fancy stem wear at this place! It’s all about lounging on the patio and munching on a-little-bit-of-this while sipping a tad of that.

The restrooms are wheelchair accessible, but you have to take a ride in the freight elevator to get to them. I didn’t mind… I was escorted by a cute waiter and also took a peek into the super-clean kitchen along the way. Taking the scenic route does have its advantages.

Bear with us on sound for this one…. Tammy will fade back in! We’re still learning!

Chicago Bites (7.5 M)

Show Notes:
00:00 – 00:33 Intro
00:32 – 06:57 Quartino Review
06:58 – 08:10 Wrap-up & Sign-off

626 N. State St.
Chicago, IL

Bridget rates this restaurant 6/10
Tammy rates this restaurant 5/10

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