May 302006
Mimosas at the Gospel Brunch

Mimosas at the Gospel Brunch

The House of Blues (HOB) attempts to save your soul once a week with a Gospel Brunch that’s worth getting up for. The food, served buffet style, has a tasty Cajun flair, and you get to sit down to eat it… a rare and wonderful luxury in a venue that is usually chair-free. While munching on waffles, I got my first good look around without having to deal with the body-crush characteristic of most HOB concerts. And there was music too… music that raised the rafters and got me clapping. At one point, the spirit moved me to swing my napkin around. Can I hear an amen?

Chicago Bites (12.9 M)

Show Notes:
00:00 – 00:52 Intro
00:53 – 03:34 The Brits were here recap
03:35 – 10:55 HOB Gospel Brunch review
10:56 – 13:55 Wrap-up & Sign-off

HOB Gospel Brunch
329 N. Dearborn St.
Chicago, IL

Bridget rates this restaurant 10/10 (Ultra-fab!)
Tammy rates this restaurant 7/10 (Awfully nice!)

In blues we trust!

In blues we trust!

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  1. MMMMMM good! Or as Cupcake would say; Amen and pass the biscuits and gravy. Had the experience this Sunday and will go back.

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