Leonardo’s Ristorante Tuscan
Chicago Bites Podcast #11

Leonardo's Ristorante Tuscan

A cup of coffee from Leonardo's.

Tammy and I walked into Leonardo’s not knowing quite what to expect. Julia, one of our listeners, recommended the place. So we all decided that it would be fun to meet up and eat dinner together there.

One thing’s for sure… Julia has great taste! We knew we were most likely in for something good because she promised to buy us drinks if we didn’t like the food. But I don’t think there’s any way you couldn’t find something to love on Leonardo’s menu. This neighborhood favorite is a must try! We spent a delightful evening there. And Julia, we look forward to dining with you and Andy again soon!

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Show Notes:
00:00 – 00:20 Intro
00:21 – 01:06 Mini-Wine Review
01:07 – 10:06 Leonardo’s Review
10:07 – 12:36 Wrap-up & Sign-off

Leonardo’s Ristorante Tuscan
5657 N. Clark
Chicago, IL

Bridget rates this restaurant 8/10
Tammy rates this restaurant 7/10

Leonardo's is in the bustling Andersonville neighborhood.

Leonardo's is in the bustling Andersonville neighborhood.

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