Apr 102006
Wine at Kiki's Bistro

Wine at Kiki's Bistro

Our trip to Kiki’s Bistro was a “white tablecloth outing.” That’s because we call our dining club “we of the white tablecloths.”

This little group was born about a year ago, when Tammy and I and two of our friends decided to get together once a month and try a “new” restaurant. I don’t mean that the restaurant itself has to be new, just that no one in the group has been there before.
This culinary challenge is great fun and has driven us all out of our restaurant ruts, leading us to the places we’ve always been meaning to try.

Kiki’s was one of those places…

Chicago Bites (10.4 M)

Show Notes:
00:00 – 00:44 Intro
00:45 – 01:29 Wine Mini-review
01:30 – 02:48 Vines on Clark Lament
02:49 – 09:32 Kiki’s Bistro Review
09:33 – 11:22 Wrap-up & Sign-off

Kiki’s Bistro
900 N. Franklin
Chicago, IL

Bridget rates this restaurant 6/10
Tammy rates this restaurant 5/10

Lemon Tart

Lemon Tart

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Chicago Bites Podcast #9”

  1. Where did you record podcast?

  2. We usually podcast in my dining room. 🙂

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