Elephant & Castle Chicago Bites Podcast #4

Elephant & Castle

Elephant & Castle

Elephant & Castle is far too busy for everyone to know your name, but if you go there often enough, you start to become part of the active hum that runs through the place. Whether it’s the after-work crowd popping in for a brew or St. Paddy’s Day maniacs who cheer the drum & pipe crews shoving their way through the crowd, Elephant & Castle is always filled with people in a very good mood. And yet, it’s also a wonderful place to eat a quiet lunch or dinner with friends. I’ve been in after-work, on St. Patrick’s Day, and had dinner there many evening, and I plan to go back as long as I’m employed downtown. It’s my quick escape after a hard day’s work.

What’s your favorite home away from work restaurant? Drop us a line and tell us where everyone knows your name.

Chicago Bites (13.5M)

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00:59 – 09:16 Elephant & Castle Review
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Elephant & Castle
111 West Adams Street
Chicago, IL
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Bridget rates this restaurant 8/10
Tammy rates this restaurant 7/10